You're invited to my (Carly's) Birthday!

it's carly

I'm turning old please come hang out because life is short and I worked too hard on this website that's probably going to give you a seizure.
not sure what this milestone is besides that i have missed the boat for the coveted 30 under 30 title.
one year closer to death (´・ᴗ・ ` )

I made a reservation at Beast Next Door starting at 7 so we will def have some space there.
Not entirely sure about earlier in the day tbd.

come hang out for a cute park day in LIC from 3-6ish on July 17th (my actual bday).
meet at the big boi Pepsi sign and text me if you can't find me because maybe we will move if the vibes are off.

Going to Beast Next Door after (around 6:30 maybe) for fancy cocktails and a piece of cheese. It's a short walk away.

I made a little map so none of you clowns get lost.

bring whatever you want! park rules say no alchy but i personally will not stop you.
maybe someone will bring a cake from harbs or paris baguette i'm just manifesting.

I heard there are food trucks nearby but there are some other places in the area you can take out food and drinks from for a lil picnic.

you can bring your dogs, discord bf/gf etc.

Feel free to come to one thing or both things (or neither?)
just lmk in advance (via rsvp link below) simply because I have social anxiety
but you're my friend so you knew that.